Laser mot sprengte blodkar

Oslo Dermatologist Centre offers treatment of broken capillaries with laser. Choice of treatment depends on the localization and distribution. The lasers are often referred to as “karlasere.”


What used karlasere against

Laser against blood vessels are mostly used against burst blood vessels in the face. They are seen as red lines and give permanent redness of the skin and enhances flushing. Skin disease Rosacea is particularly associated with broken capillaries. Type 1 Rosacea gives redness and sprinkled the blood vessels in the skin. By Type 2 rosacea has the same but also tend to get a pimple-like rash on the skin. The tendency to burst blood vessels are associated with cumulative sun exposure and incidence increases with age.


What else used laser treatment

The same technology is used for a wide variety of other skin conditions. Scars and stretch marks are often red at the start. By early start of treatment reduces redness and faster healing can provide a less visible end result. Birthmarks as hemangiomas, port wine stains and nevus flammus also dealt with similar technology. It’s okay to note when these conditions the use of a long higher strength. Small broken capillaries (spider nevus) in children and adults as well poikilodermi (rash on the neck in women giving a symmetrical red and brown rash) can also be treated.



Karlsere emits a high energy that specifically taken up by the red color. There are several technologies that all have their advantages. Most commonly used is called IPL laser. The laser emits a broad-spectrum light, but using filters can be selected for different wavelengths. Our Dermatologist using most a wavelength of 560 or 590 nm to remove blood vessels. It is also worth noting that the treatment depends on the strength (joules). Many uses for low settings to have a good effect on the skin.



It is not necessary for the stunning.


How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments depends on the indication (what is being processed). One will notice improvement after only one treatment. By Rosacea is advised often 2-4 treatments. One will take a computer image of your face, and be discontinued when you are satisfied with the result. Birthmarks may require more.


How often given treatment

Here there is no easy answer and it adapts to each patient. Most treated with 4-6 week intervals. If you are tanned delay treatment until the skin is pale.



Risk of treatment is low. At Oslo Dermatologist Center performs one 20 to 30 such treatments every week with very rare complications. Most common are easily unevenness in skin tone that evens out with some time. Scars are reported but not common.


Can I go to work the next day?

Most will be more red skin than usual 2-4 days after treatment. Many performs laser treatment before a weekend and go to work on Monday. Women can cover any redness with makeup.



The treatment is very safe and side effects are very rare. Most people experience no treatment as painful. It is common to experience a momentary slight burning of the skin after treatment. Redness and swelling are also common in the treatment area. This will stop after a few days. It is possible to return to work after treatment. If desired you can cover up the redness with makeup. For certain skin changes, we provide laser with higher energy than usual. This is to achieve the best possible result. You will be informed about this beforehand.

broken capillaries

Our dermatologists are highly experienced in laser against broken capillaries